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The preferred real time moisture analyser for horizontal belt filters



Principle of operation

The MoistScan® MA-600HBF is a continuous microwave moisture analyser that is custom designed for accurate analysis of filter cake moisture on a horizontal belt filters.

MoistScan MA600 HBF Horizontal belt Filter


MoistScan MA 600HBF

Depending on customer requirements, the standard configuration employs one (01) to three (03) or more sensors across the width of the filter. Real time moisture results from the MA-600HBF is typically used to control the vacuum pressure or belt speed, the objective of which is to ensure that the moisture of the filter cake is maintained within set point limits. In addition, a momentary rise in moisture at constant intervals could indicate filter cloth blinding in a specific location or general increase in moisture could indicate overall blinding of the filter belt.

The MA-600HBF is suitable for use on most metallic and non-metallic mineral concentrates. Typical uses for the MA-600HBF include:

  • real time moisture analysis of Copper concentrate
  • continuous moisture determination of Coal filter cake
  • online microwave moisture analysis of Iron ore concentrates
  • real time moisture analysis of Lead and Zinc concentrate
  • continuous moisture calculation of Nickel concentrate

The sensors and mounting frames are designed to suit the HBF with the microwave transmitter located below the belt and the detector located above the material. This enables real time moisture determination of the material as it passes through the measurement zone or zones in when more than one sensor set is employed.

The control enclosure is mounted in close proximity of the filter belt for easy access or it may be installed in the control or electrical switch room.

The user-friendly interface puts the power of easy set up and maintenance in the hands of the operator, designed with simple-to-use menus. The MA-600HBF also features built in data storage and communication capabilities of the enable technical support via remote access for diagnostic purposes and periodic calibration verification. In addition, sending and receiving plant data has never been easier with a host of industry standard protocols to choose from.


Key Feature #1

Superior Precision and Accuracy; contactless measurement of 100% of product bed conveyed.

MoistScan MA500 Key Feature #2 Rapid non-contenct and non-nucleonic measurement - image


Key Feature #2

No conveyor belt scale required due to built-in material bed depth measurement with compensation for rapidly varying loads, without the use of a radioactive source


Key Feature #3

Industry 4.0 IoT Remote Access for periodic calibration checks and servicing. Personnel don’t need to access the plant improving safety and productivity.

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Key Feature #4

Seamless control system integration with a wide range of optional serial communication protocols to choose from.


Key Feature #5

Simple installation requiring only four bolts to mount the analyser to braces perpendicular across the conveyor structure.

MoistScan MA500 Key Feature #5 Analyser
MoistScan MA500 Key Feature #6 Analyser


Key Feature #6

The analyser interface consists of a built-in industrial colour touch screen with user-friendly intuitive menus requiring very little training to operate and powerful diagnostics.


Application Examples

Instrument: MA-500HDi (2 units)
Material: Sinter Blend
Installation: On conveyor feed to blast furnace
Bed Depth: 150mm
Moisture: 1 to 6%
Purpose: Control moisture of sinter fed to blast furnace


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