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The global leader in online moisture analysis.

Developed by Callidan Instruments, MoistScan employs state-of-the-art microwave technology to accurately measure moisture in a wide-range of bulk materials.

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RTI – Real Time Instruments - is an Australian based innovator specialising in the elemental and moisture analysis of bulk materials.

Our world-leading scanners and analysers use high-end technology to provide operators with real time, on-line process data. This gives them unrivalled visibility of operations and the ability to make pro-active control decisions when it’s most critical – ensuring improved plant efficiency and bottom-line profitability. It all happens on-line, in real time, under full operation. We make it easier, safer, more efficient, and more effective for customers to do what they do – sustainably, and with an eye to the future.


AdvanceMicrowave Measurement Technology


MoistScan Series

MoistScan MA500 Advanced Moisture measurement
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Advanced moisture measurement solution for any bulk material transported on conveyors

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Innovative moisture measurement on disc or belt filters, screw filters or chutes.

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Accurate in-pipe moisture measurement for various slurries or processed foods

MoistScan® moisture analysers features the most advanced purpose built microwave measurement technology reporting results in real-time with unrivalled accuracy. The patented multi-frequency technology is available in various configurations including the MA500 for conveyor belt applications. The MA600 with sensor arrangements for horizontal filter belts, vertical disc filters, screw conveyors as well as chute or hopper arrangements. The MA700 designed for in-pipe measurement of slurries or liquids.


Key Feature #1

MoistScan® patented technology measures 100% of the material in real time.


Key Feature #2

Rapid non-contact and non-nucleonic measurement.

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Key Feature #3

Superior precision & accuracy