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MoistScan® solving moisture measurement challenges in various industries. Employing cutting edge microwave technology to accurately measure moisture levels in a wide range of bulk and other materials.

Application Assessment

Determining the most appropriate technology requires a sound understanding to the application. Via our global network of sales representatives and technical service providers, MoistScan delivers a comprehensive application assessment service whereby a factory certified engineer will study your application in detail prior to recommending an appropriate solution.

Photos and Videos of the material flow as well as a process flow chart identifying where you wish to measure moisture and upstream and downstream processes is also useful.

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Application assessment requires information to the following questions.

  • Material type and composition
  • Moisture range
  • Target moisture
  • Thickness of material
  • Environmental conditions

Application Assessment

Commission & Calibration

Commission & Calibration

MoistScan® online microwave moisture analysers are calibrated against laboratory reported moisture. As with all calibrated equipment, the quality of the calibration is fundamentally important.

A MoistScan® engineer can attend site to perform commissioning in person. Alternatively, commissioning and calibration can be undertaken by remote instruction and data analysis.

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Service & Support

MoistScan® offers complete after-sales service and support and total lifecycle management of the instrument.

As with other plant instruments, the MoistScan® analyser requires routine preventative maintenance. Calibration verifications are recommended at four monthly intervals. To ensure the best performance and extract maximum benefit from the analyser, it is recommended that periodic servicing be undertaken by a qualified MoistScan® engineer.

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Service & Support
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Custom Designed Solutions

When an off-the-shelf online moisture analyser is not the most appropriate solution a specialised design may be required to solve the measurement challenge.

Specialised design can overcome application-specific issues for example, irregular presentation of the material to the microwave analysis field. Others may include varying bulk density or varying material composition, which may only be solved through a custom approach.

Our dedicated team of highly experienced engineers will work with you to gain an in depth understand of your requirement as well as any process variables which may affect the performance of the analysis to design an ideal solution to suit the scope and the budget.

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Research & Development

MoistScan® is globally regarded as the most advanced microwave moisture analysers on the market featuring cutting edge technology that is second to none. In line with philosophy of continuous product development.

The development team includes electrical, mechanical, and chemical engineers, metallurgists, food scientists and physicists with practical real-world experience across a very broad range of industries.

Our R&D team’s goal is to develop practical solutions to industry and application specific problems along with continuous improvement.

As well as conducting in-house R&D MoistScan® offers an R&D consultancy service.

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MoistScan® maintains a strong research and development focus on;

  • Analyser technology including performance & accuracy,
  • Ease of use and,
  • Reducing maintenance requirements
Research & Development
OEM Integration

OEM Integration

Real time process moisture data opens up the opportunity to considerably improve the performance of many types of machinery used in materials handling and processing. These include:

  • Dryers
  • Belt Weighers
  • Belt Filters
  • General Dewatering Equipment

In this regard MoistScan® is ideal for integration with OEM’s either as a standard feature or as an added option.

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Advanced moisture measurement solution for any bulk material transported on conveyors

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Innovative moisture measurement on disc or belt filters, screw feeders or chutes

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Accurate in-pipe moisture measurement for various slurries or processed foods

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