Building Materials


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MoistScan® online moisture sensors are ideally suited for use in the manufacture of many building materials, including;

  • Plaster, Panel, MDF or fibreboard
  • Clays
  • Bricks
  • Cement & concrete and more

Production of building materials generally involves the blending of various raw materials with bonding agents according to the strict formulation. A typical use of MoistScan is for real-time moisture analysis of the incoming feeds so as to calculate the dry tonne equivalents for accurate ratio control of each additive. Other products like bricks and porcelain require accurate moisture control improved extrusion and moulding control as well as reducing curing times in the kiln or dryer.

Integrated with a PID controller the resident time of the extruded brick can be regulated so as to achieve the desired level of moisture in the end product.

The particular advantage of MoistScan technology over surface measurement technologies is the ability to measure moisture throughout the entire product profile. Surface measurements are typically not representative of the total moisture in the product, hence MoistScan®’s superior performance on building products.