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OEM Integration

OEM Integration

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Real time process moisture data opens up the opportunity to considerably improve the performance of many types of machinery used in materials handling and processing. These include:

  • Dryers
    •    Belt Weighers
    •    Belt Filters
    •    General Dewatering Equipment

In this regard MoistScan® is ideal for integration with OEM’s either as a standard feature or as an added option.

Click here to talk to us about the possibilities of integrating MoistScan® technology into your OEM equipment.


MA500 Variant Logo in White

Advanced moisture measurement solution for any bulk material transported on conveyors

MA500 Series Machine in Color
MA600 Variant Logo in White

Innovative moisture measurement on disc or belt filters, screw feeders or chutes

MA600 Series Machine in Color
MA700 Variant Logo in White

Accurate in-pipe moisture measurement for various slurries or processed foods

MA700 Series Machine in Color







The future of industrial scanning is here.