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Increase Plant Efficiency

Increase Plant Efficiency

Whether removing moisture from product or adding just the right amount, it is no secret that the wrong amount of moisture can severely impact on process efficiency.

Removing moisture

Drying or calcinationoperations are amongst the most energy intensive processesand a major focusfor plant managers to glean gains in efficiency. Online moisture analysis of the material being dried can be used for manual or automated control of dryer parameters tooptimise resident time of the material in the dryer.Irrespective of the type of drying equipment, be it shaft furnaces, rotary kilns, multiple hearth furnaces or fluidised reactors, the importance of accurate moisture monitoring and control cannot be overstated.In most popular drying or calcinations processes, MoistScan® is typically employed at either the entry or exit to the dryer or calciner. The information from the MoistScan® is used in a PID control loop enabling feed-back or feed-forward control.

Pelletising and Sintering

Accurate moisture control is critical for green pellet formation during the pelletising process. Promoting ideal pellet agglomeration conditions assisting in pellet strength and reducing returned fines from the furnace while ensuring optimum water usage. In addition, the blast furnace is not taxed with more moisture than necessary, improving energy use and adding value including better use of raw materials.by combining agglomeration with thermal energy is increasingly being used as a method of value adding.







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